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You know you are not a conservative when...


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The Heritage Foundation offers one of those site polls designed to keep you tooling around, and this one I thought was interesting.

Do liberals exaggerate threat to civil liberties from security measures like the Terrorist Surveillance Program?
Yes. Security programs like the TSP protect the nation and keep civil liberties intact.
No. The TSP and its ilk do more harm that good and should be abolished.

Abolish a government program? Sure! So I answered no. The results appeared. I am now among the 3% of readers who worry about big government. Incredible isn't it? Must I now quote Reagan on how government is the problem?

Jeffrey Tucker is Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research. He is author of It's a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes and Bourbon for Breakfast: Living Outside the Statist Quo. Send him mail.

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