War and Foreign Policy

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War History and America's Court Intellectuals

Legal SystemU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy


Gary North on how Rockefeller-financed Federal spooks established the mainstream academic narrative on American involvement in the World Wars.  If you're short on time, he gets down to brass tacks at 11:33.

The Carl Davis Lecture...

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Democracy: The Enemy of Liberty

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign Policy


"The theory involves a conceptual conflation of democracy and liberty (freedom) that can only be called scandalous, especially coming from self-proclaimed libertarians.  The foundation and cornerstone of liberty is the institution of private property; and private—exclusive—...

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Why Classical Liberalism Rejects War

War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


"The liberal critique of the argument in favor of war is fundamentally different from that of the humanitarians.  It starts from the premise that not war, but peace, is the father of all things.  What alone enables mankind to advance and distinguishes man from the animals is...

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Does the War Have Economic Costs?

War and Foreign Policy


The Washington Post reports Economists Debate Link Between War, Credit Crisis. The article is notable both for being poorly reasoned, and for its extensive quotation of faulty or irrelevant...

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Serving under Mises in WWI

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Guido Hulsmann received the following:

I must congratulate you on the fine writings and historical revelations in your book on Mises-Last Knight of Liberalism. My grandfather had fought under his...

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Freedom in Baghdad

Big GovernmentWar and Foreign Policy


Here we get the news: "The Baghdad military command said Tuesday that unauthorized vehicles and motorcycles will be banned in the capital from 5 a.m. to midnight Wednesday. The vehicle ban is aimed at preventing violence on the fifth...

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The book of peace

Media and CultureWar and Foreign Policy


This weekend, the New York Times published an excellent review of what looks to be a good book on Iraq: No End in Site by Charles Ferguson. The catalog of error, arrogance, corruption,...

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The U.S.-Somalia War, Part 654

War and Foreign Policy


Somehow I had forgotten that the U.S. has a thing going on in Somalia. "A local official told Reuters that the missile was fired by a U.S. aircraft. 'Two U.S missiles hit a house in Dobley early this morning.'...'We woke up...

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Conscription as an Omen

Big GovernmentWar and Foreign PolicyInterventionism


Robert Taft, champion of a non-interventionist foreign policy and leader of the Republican resistance to post-FDR foreign policy, gave a stirring speech against conscription in 1946.

There is one step now proposed, supported by government propaganda, which seems to me to strike at...

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