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The Art of Advertising

Media and CultureValue and Exchange


It is a widespread fallacy that skillful advertising can talk the consumers into buying everything that the advertiser wants them to buy.

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The Propaganda War Against Capitalism

EducationMedia and Culture


The most popular method of deprecating capitalism is to make it responsible for every condition which is considered unsatisfactory.

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Why Aren't Female Soccer Players Paid More?

Media and Culture


If Comedy Central thinks women's soccer players should be paid more, they need to convince people that its more fun to watch women's soccer.

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We Need Separation of Bathroom and State

Media and CultureInterventionismPrivate Property


Private owners are perfectly capable of deciding how their bathrooms can best be used. It's not a religious matter.


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Why Don't Bernie and Progressives Live Communally Here and Now?

Media and CulturePolitical TheoryPrivate Property


In Ron Paul’s America, or Hans Hoppe’s private law society, voluntary “socialist” arrangements would be perfectly allowable and legal. But libertarian communities are never permitted in statist societies.


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What Harry Potter Can Teach the Federal Reserve

The FedMedia and Culture


Given the monetary dark arts being practiced around the world, I would much prefer my money in the hands of Gringotts goblin, than at the mercy of our Federal Reserve Chairman Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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Economists as Modern Astrologers

Media and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology


Are modern economists pseudoscientists like the astrologers of old?

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New York Finally Legalizes (and Heavily Taxes) Mixed Martial Arts

Media and CultureTaxes and Spending


New York will legalize MMA, but plans to tax Mixed Martial Arts events at an even higher rate than boxing or wrestling matches.

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The Batman Movie They Should Have Made

Media and Culture


Created by Paul Pope, a libertarian comic book writer also responsible for the critically acclaimed Batman: Year 100, Berlin Batman was an Elseworld tale published in 1998's The Batman Chronicles #11. The story involves young Baruch Wane, a wealthy socialite, who is tipped...

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Socialism Starves the People: Cuba Edition

Media and CulturePolitical Theory


Studies of the improving Cuban culinary scene after Fidel Castro's stepping down from power reminds us of how socialism actually impoverished the people by making their mundane, ordinary lives much more difficult to live.

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