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Socialism Starves the People: Cuba Edition

Media and CulturePolitical Theory


Studies of the improving Cuban culinary scene after Fidel Castro's stepping down from power reminds us of how socialism actually impoverished the people by making their mundane, ordinary lives much more difficult to live.

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The JetBlue Democracy Experiment

Media and CulturePolitical Theory


The intended message of the JetBlue commercial is that if we just work together and make some sacrifices, we can all win. However, it actually showcased the inherent flaws in democratic processes.

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The Real Value of a Powerball Ticket

Media and CultureSubjectivismValue and Exchange


Rather than a cold estimate of the probability of future returns, the Powerball actually illustrates the subjective theory of value.

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The Big Short

Booms and BustsCorporate WelfareThe FedFinancial MarketsMedia and Culture


The Big Short is a pretty good movie, but there are a few things it leaves out.

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What Populism Is And Isn't

Big GovernmentMedia and CulturePolitical Theory


Here we go again. Now advocates of more government control over the economy want to redefine populism as Trumpism.

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Mises Institute Ranked 9th Most Influential US Think Tank

EducationMedia and Culture


The Mises Institute has been named the 9th Most Influential US Think Tank by, a leading online resource for campus and online education.

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Mises Weekends: Yuri Maltsev

Media and CultureU.S. EconomyPolitical Theory


In the latest episode of Mises Weekends, Jeff Deist and Yuri Maltsev discuss Socialism, Fascism, and Trumpism.

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New York State Bans Fantasy Football

Legal SystemMedia and CulturePrivate PropertyValue and Exchange


New York State Attorney General says that fantasy football is just as bad for you as the State Lottery. The lottery is actually much worse!


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