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Two More Videos from the Costa Mesa Mises Circle

Legal SystemU.S. EconomyPolitical Theory

In addition to Judge Napolitano's video, we have now posted Ron Paul's talk, and the panel discussion.

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Be Sure to Tune In for Mises Circle, November 8

Big GovernmentFree MarketsLegal SystemPolitical Theory


The West Coast Regional Mises Circle in Costa Mesa is sold out, but be sure and mark your calendars so you can join us live via On November 8 —one week from Saturday— we'll be...

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Legal Victory for the IRS

Big GovernmentLegal System


With the IRS scandals of early 2014 all but a distant memory, some closure is coming to the groups that the long arm of the tax law harassed. Unfortunately the verdicts aren´t going the way the...

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Anarchic Courts and More

Free MarketsLegal System


Summary by Luis Rivera III:

Here Dr. Walter Block, host Daniel Rothchild and other guests go over a number of topics including:

  • Courts in an
  • ...

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Mark Thornton in the 'Harvard Political Review'

Legal SystemU.S. EconomyPolitical Theory


[Editor's Note: This is an old interview from the Harvard Political Review, reprinted here for the use of our readers and students.]

Mark Thornton is an...

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Judge Napolitano on Obamacare, the Courts, and Economics

Big GovernmentLegal SystemTaxes and Spending


Writing today at LRC, Mises Institute Distinguished Scholar Judge Napolitano notes:

The law was found constitutional by the Supreme Court only after the chief justice...

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War History and America's Court Intellectuals

Legal SystemU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy


Gary North on how Rockefeller-financed Federal spooks established the mainstream academic narrative on American involvement in the World Wars.  If you're short on time, he gets down to brass tacks at 11:33.

The Carl Davis Lecture...

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Are eulas contrary to property rights?

Legal SystemPrivate Property


One of my favorite blogs on is Copyfascism Watch because it always raises challenging questions and offers great arguments and documentation. Today, the...

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Patent Hypocrisy

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


It always galls me when I see limousine liberals send their kids to fancy private schools while supporting public school; or Congressmen exempting themselves from their own wage and hour legislation.

IP laws are no different. Congress enacts laws protecting imaginary things, with...

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Repeal Child Labor Laws

Legal System


I enjoyed writing this piece, and especially researching it. I had no idea how late it was when child labor laws became national. I didn't know that the original agitation came...

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