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People don't kill people, the lack of socialized medicine does!

Big GovernmentHealthPhilosophy and Methodology


If I see another citation of this story as proof that we need national health care, I'm going to vomit. Supposedly, this man killed his wife because he couldn't afford her medical bills. People on discussion boards like...

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Cato's Pilon on the Ninth Amendment and Right to Lifesaving Drugs



In a recent WSJ op-ed, New Right to Life, Cato's Roger Pilon criticizes the recent decision of the Court of Appeals forthe D.C. Circuit, which "reversed a 15-month-old decision by a panel of the court that had recognized a...

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National Socialism Geographic

HealthLegal SystemMedia and CultureInterventionism


The current issue of National Geographic (August), in addition to the usual propaganda about global warming, chastises the United States for a poor family leave policy.

The one-page feature called "Who Gives Parents a Break?" opens with the statement that "American...

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Myth & Fact About U.S. Health Care



In case you haven't already read it, see my analysis of the American health care system which exposes some of the lies of Michael Moore by pointing out that it is far better compared to...

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No Furrin Catfish for me!



If it does not say US, it is not 100% American catfish, or so says the Catfish Marketing Association, which is just oh so concerned about your health, and also very concerned that that Chinese catfish is about 2/3 cheaper than...

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Congress Could End the Organ Shortage Now

Free MarketsHealth


There are things you can do to help mitigate the shortage of transplantable organs such as kidneys. For example, you can identify yourself as an organ donor on your drivers license. You can join LifeSharers. And if you're really generous, you can give...

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The Greatest Capitalist Innovation?

HealthU.S. History


Joe Kissell at Interesting Thing of the Day does a little investigation to try to piece together The Story of Toilet Paper. If someone is going on about how idyllic life was before capitalism destroyed our more natural way of...

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Uh oh, dangerous, delicious, and fun drink becoming popular



Sometimes the regular news reads just like The Onion, such as this one on the growing controversy about a new liquor drink called Spykes.


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