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Junk Silver Market is Frozen

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The "junk silver" (90% US silver coins) seems to have disappeared. After checking several websites that deal in such coins almost all catagories have no inventory to sell. You can still buy bright and shiny versions of the coins at around a 20% premium over the silver value.

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Props for the Chinese Stock Market

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How the Communist Party of China Bubbles and Tries to Keep Them Afloat

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Margin Debt At All Time High

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Not only are stock markets near all time highs, the amount of margin debt is also at all time highs. Margin debt is money borrowed to leverage the purchasing power of portfolios.

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Former Fed Official: Fed is "out of line"

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Why is it that only former Fed officials are willing to say the truth about the economy and monetary policy. I know they don't know the whole truth and they are blinded by power, but why do they always wait till they are "former" to tell the truth.

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Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) Dipping

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March’s economic report from the National Association of Credit Management dropped to the lowest it’s been this year. The combined index fell from 53.2 in February to 51.2 this month.

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What a Swiss Surprise!

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 A surprise move from Switzerland’s central bank (SNB) sent stock markets into panic today. In just a few minutes, the value of the Swiss franc rose by 30 percent, FTSE 300 dropped by 2 percent, Wall Street futures turned negative, and the recent feeble rise in commodity prices was reversed....

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Eurozone Craves More Inflation

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As of this week, when Eurozone price inflation reached negative levels, ECB's Mario Draghi decided to throw caution to the wind and brace “for further measures, which could, if needed, be implemented in a timely manner”. Estimates for the European QE program are around €500 billion, but the...

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The Remains of the Ruble

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In January 2014, 33 Russian rubles exchanged for 1 dollar. In December 2014, the amount has more than doubled, reaching 77.2 rubles per dollar. At the bottom of it lie the actions of the Bank of Russia. 

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