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Audio: Matt McCaffrey on the Economics of Toll Roads

Matt McCaffrey follows up this article with a conversation with Paul Molloy of the Freedom Works podcast.

Audio: Christopher Westley on Musician Unions vs. Musicians

Chris Westley discusses how the cartel (i.e., labor union) known American Federation of Musicians has prohibited the creation of new music for video games.  See the original blog post here. 

Mark Thornton on GDP and the Present ‘Recovery’

Beginning at 2:20:00, Mark Thornton talks with Butler on Business host Alan Butler last week about current economy trends and business cycles.

The Fed’s Expanding Balance Sheet

Interviewed by host Alan Butler, Mark Thornton contrasts the massive expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet to help the banks, with what could have been done instead to help the American people. (Audio interview, Mp3, 38 mins.)