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Apply to Attend Mises University 2014

2013_MU_Group_captionedSMThe deadline for scholarship applications is April 8.

The Mises University is the world’s leading instructional program in the Austrian School of economics. Since 1986, it has been the essential training ground for economists who are looking beyond the mainstream.
The program offers courses, seminars, and reading groups on the whole range of the discipline. A core curriculum presents economic foundations, and more than fifty elective classes explore the entire range of economics, in all levels of advancement.

To apply for a student scholarship, go to the Mises University Application Page in the Mises Academy. You will need to take 1-2 minutes to create a free Mises Academy username if you do not already have one. Once on the application page, you can complete the application form and submit the required documents using the simple upload feature.

Being an Austrian Is Easier Than Ever

6613 (1)Ryan McMaken writes in today’s Mises Daily:

I noted earlier that the Fed has fallen on hard times in terms of public opinion. That’s good in itself, but the Fed will remain in little real danger as long as the nature of the economy is not understood. This is where the Mises Institute is essential. If the Fed were to be eliminated under today’s ruling intellectual regime, it would surely just be replaced with another similar institution. The same applies to all other government agencies and institutions.

Politics and public dissatisfaction with institutions like the Fed or the U.S. government are not enough. People have mocked and made fun of today’s governments for decades, and many elections have come and gone, and yet there the Federal government is, in no danger of being downsized by popular demand.

Can You Get College Credit for Attending Mises University?

According to this Mises U alum, Mises U experience can be applied to some degree programs: