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Mises Weekends: Soviet Defector Yuri Maltsev on the Loss of Freedom in America

Jeff Deist and Yuri Maltsev discuss not only his defection from the former USSR, but also his defection from the Marxist economic mindset, the crime of reading Hayek, why so many westerners still have a naïve, uninformed, and romantic view of socialism, how the Ruble was nothing more than a fiat rationing coupon, and why people with contempt for consumerism never visited a Soviet grocery store.

Jeff Deist and Will Grigg Discuss ‘Police State Keynesianism’

Mises Weekends: Jeff Deist and Will Grigg discuss “police state Keynesianism,” how the once embryonic American police state became overt, how military equipment, personnel, and mindsets increasingly find their way into local law enforcement agencies, and why there are more than 100 SWAT deployments every day in the US.



Audio: Mark Thornton on Immigration and the War on Drugs

Here is another interview about his recent article on immigration and the war on drugs. This one is with The Heartland Institute.

Mises Weekends: Brian Doherty Talks to Jeff Deist About Reporting the Revolution

Jeff Deist and Brian Doherty discuss Brian’s role as both a participant in—and observer of—libertarian circles, the impact of Austrian economics on today’s intellectual debate, Ron Paul’s lasting legacy, and why for the first time ever it’s cool to be a young libertarian.

Audio: Christopher Westley on Musician Unions vs. Musicians

Chris Westley discusses how the cartel (i.e., labor union) known American Federation of Musicians has prohibited the creation of new music for video games.  See the original blog post here. 

Mises Weekends: Justin Raimondo Describes His Battle Against the War Machine

Jeff Deist and Justin Raimondo discuss the early history of the modern libertarian movement, Justin’s time working with Murray Rothbard on libertarian strategy, and the chances for developing a broad new anti-war coalition.

Also available here:


Mises Weekends: Jeff Deist Talks With Mark Thornton About Wikipedia, Drug Prohibition, and More

Jeff Deist and Mark Thornton discuss Mark’s recent experience as an opponent of the drug war at the Oxford Union debating society, his influence on Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and how Wikipedia demonstrates a kind of stateless spontaneous order, complete with private dispute resolution.


Ron Paul Discusses the Future of the US Dollar

In this audio interview, Ron Paul touches on recent developments affecting the value of the dollar, the potential for currency collapse, gold, war, Russia, and more.

The Ron Paul portion begins at 2:30 and ends at 17:30.

(Note: My posting of this video is not an endorsement of any of the advertised products that appear on screen in the course of the interview.)

Mises Weekends: Jim Bovard, Libertarian Muckraker

Jim Bovard talks with Jeff Deist about his incendiary career as a journalist, the American people as Mencken’s “Booboisie”, and why the Nanny State has him stocking-up on cigars.

Helio Beltrão Talks World Cup Cronyism and Brazil’s Liberty Movement on Mises Weekends

Brazilian entrepreneur and businessman Helio Beltrão talks to Jeff Deist about crony capitalism and the upcoming FIFA World Cup, and why the Liberty Movement is like a soccer team. It’s also on iTunes. 

Here is the YouTube version:

Ben Wiegold Talks Minimum Wage

Interviewed by Paul Molloy of Freedom Works radio, Mises Daily author Ben Wiegold discusses his article and the effects of the minimum wage.

Audio: Central Planning Fails

Interviewed by host Alan Butler, Joe Salerno explains several ways in which government intervention in our economy is leading to destruction.

The Latest from ‘Audio Mises Daily’

14738f0a2efbaae218c925805280eda4New audio versions of recent Mises Daily articles (all Mp3s):

The New Skyscraper Curse by Mark Thornton

How Central Banks Are Waging War on Your Savings by Mark Thornton

What Libertarians Should Learn From the Abolitionists by Murray N. Rothbard

Health Care and the Candy Store Called Socialism by Jim Fedako

How Consumers Rule In a Free Economy by Christopher Westley

Why They Hate Peace by Ron Paul

The Mythology of the Supreme Court by Ryan McMaken

Gerald Celente Talks Political Atheism with Jeff Deist

On this week’s edition of Mises Weekends. (Mp3, 25 minutes.) Click here for the YouTube version. Also available at iTunes. 

Gerald Celente is is a trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant, and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. Celente has described himself as a “political atheist” and “citizen of the world”. He has appeared as a guest on media outlets such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, The Glenn Beck Show, NBC Nightly News, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM and Russia Today.

Audio: The Drug War, ZIRP, Jobs, and More

Interviewed by host Alan Butler, Mark Thornton discusses the failed War on Drugs, and the current state of the U.S. economy.

Audio: Bob Murphy Refutes Thomas Piketty

Interviewed by host Tom Woods, Bob Murphy demonstrates that the author of a book on capital doesn’t seem to know any capital theory.

Ludwig von Mises Explains: Are Workers In Conflict with Employers?

Ludwig von Mises was asked to respond to the question: “Are the interests of the American wage earners in conflict with those of their employers, or are the two in agreement?” This recording is made available through the generosity of Bettina Bien Greaves, and was originally recorded on 10 May 1962 and aired on 17 May 1962 during the intermission of the U.S. Steel Concert Hour.

The Fed and the 1%: Mark Thornton on the Tom Woods Show

site_headerInterviewed by host Tom Woods, Mark Thornton discusses a recent article in the Financial Times, and why its recommendations for Fed policy will benefit the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else.

Mp3, 25 minutes.


Audio: Mark Thornton Explains Easy Money Policy

Mark Thornton discusses Martin Wolf’s support for continued easy money policy, and also the latest push by the central bankers and their friends in the media to try to convince us that rising prices are good for us.

Audio: Lew Rockwell Discusses Anarcho-Capitalism With Ben Swann

We don’t need a ruling class, Lew Rockwell tells Ben Swann. (Mp3, 35 minutes)