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AwardsGary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Lifetime Defense of LibertyMurray N. Rothbard Medal of Freedom

Walter Block is the Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyola University, senior fellow of the Mises Institute, and regular columnist for

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Why Discriminate?

Free MarketsInterventionism

01/21/2011Mises Daily Articles
In the days of yore, to say that a man was discriminating was to pay him a compliment. It meant that he had taste: he could distinguish between the poor, the mediocre, the good, and the excellent.
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They Chose Liberty

BiographiesFree Markets

01/12/2011Mises Daily Articles
I defy anyone to read these stories and still aver that our leaders are cold-hearted folk who relish nothing so much as the specter of people suffering from poverty, and, to boot, are in the pay of rich capitalist exploiters.
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The Case for Discrimination

Political Theory

Walter Block has been writing on the economics of discrimination — and in defense of discrimination, rightly understood — for more than 30 years. This edition collects nearly all of this writing to present a radical alternative to the mainstream view.
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I Chose Liberty: Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians

BiographiesPolitical Theory

Walter Block leaned on 82 of the world's most prominent libertarian thinkers and asked them to tell their life stories with an eye to intellectual development.
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Rejoinder to Hoppe on Immigration

Global EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyCalculation and Knowledge

01/01/2011The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The present paper is the continuation of an intra-libertarian debate over immigration.


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