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Dr. Paul Cwik is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and the BB&T Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Mount Olive. He also teaches the BB&T classes on the Foundations of Capitalism at North Carolina State University. He earned a BA from Hillsdale College, an MA from Tulane University, and a PhD from Auburn University, where he was a Mises Research Fellow. He has taught at several colleges and universities, including Auburn University, Campbell University, and Walsh College. He co-chairs the Austrian Economics Forum, a student discussion group at NCSU. Dr. Cwik has presented academic papers at the Southern Economic Association, the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics, the Prague Conference on Political Economy, the Austrian Scholars Conference, the BB&T Conferences on the study of capitalism, and the Austrian Economics Research Conference. He has published in academic journals that include Economic AffairsThe Quarterly Journal of Austrian EconomicsNew Perspectives on Political Economy: A Bilingual Interdisciplinary Journal, and Business Ethics: A European Review. He is also a reviewer of Essays in Economic and Business History and The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. He has also published in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty and his dissertation has been cited by The Wall Street Journal (February 2006).

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The Economy Pulls an All-Nighter

EducationBusiness Cycles

09/29/2003Mises Daily Articles
To help explain the complex analytics behind the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle, an analogy seems to help. Suppose that, in his 8:00 a.m. class, a student was assigned a paper which is due tomorrow. Of course, he has not yet started working on it. In order to finish the paper on time, he...
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Gas Out Redux

Media and CulturePricesValue and Exchange

03/25/2003Mises Daily Articles
A few years ago, Paul Cwik came across an e-mail that was impossibly dumb. It called for a "Gas-Out." The idea was to boycott gasoline for a few days. This action would drive the price of gas down, and at the same time, it would show "Big Oil" that if they tried to raise prices again, we'd hurt...
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Nonsense on Oil


03/16/2000Mises Daily Articles
Higher prices have unleashed a torrent of economic fallacy, from boycotts on gas stations to agitations for price controls. Paul Cwik responds.
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Michigan's Trojan War

Taxes and Spending

01/01/2000The Free Market
A common misconception in popular thinking about business is that companies need to be helped along and supported by government. If a community fails to help business, it is said, it will miss out on jobs and prosperity. We see this happening across the country. Cities use public funds to build...
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Socialist Stock Market?

Taxes and SpendingPrices

05/01/1999The Free Market
Murray Rothbard once asked Ludwig von Mises at what point on the spectrum of statism can a country be designated as "socialist." To his surprise, Mises said that there was, indeed, a clear-cut delineation: the stock market.
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