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Lucas M. Engelhardt

Tags Business CyclesCapital and Interest Theory

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AwardsGary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Excellence in Research and Teaching to a Promising Young Scholar

Lucas M. Engelhardt, a Fellow of the Mises Institute, received his PhD in economics from The Ohio State University, and is currently an associate professor at Kent State University's Stark campus. He received the 2018 Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Excellence in Research and Teaching. His work mainly centers on attaining a deeper understanding of the connection between business cycle theory and other subdisciplines in economics. For more information visit

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Money and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

Archived from the live broadcast, this lecture was presented by Lucas Engelhardt at the 2013 Mises University, hosted by the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 22 July 2013.
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An Attempt at Reconciliation of Time Preference Theory of Interest and Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest

Capital and Interest Theory

From the session on "Austrian Theory and Method," presented at the Austrian Economics Research Conference. Recorded 23 March 2013 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.
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Central Planning's Computation Problem

Session on Economic Calculation and The Firm. Recorded March 9, 2012, at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. [14:10]
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100% Reserves Now

The FedInterventionismMoney and Banking

12/08/2008Mises Daily Articles
We have a unique opportunity to provide future stability for our banking system. Sadly, it is an opportunity that will almost assuredly pass us by.
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