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Andy Duncan is an expert on financial derivatives and lectures on the topic in New York, London, Dubai, and Singapore. He’s also been a writer, speaker and contributor to the Cobden Centre, Gold Money, and Casey Research. Andy is a dedicated Austrian Anarcho-Capitalist, with a jaundiced eye for UK socialism and UK politics.

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Jeff Deist: A Libertarian View of the Election

The FedStrategyU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy

Listen as Jeff Deist and Andy Duncan discuss next week's Presidential election, the Federal Reserve, gold prices, and US foreign policy.
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Jesús Huerta de Soto on Really Existing Socialism

01/31/2016Mises Daily Article
Socialism is utter self-serving, elite-generated nonsense and the most evil, destructive, bone-headed religion that mankind has ever invented.
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Andy Duncan Explains The Charade of Independence for UKIP and Scotland

Financial MarketsWorld History

09/17/2014Mises Daily Articles
In this transcript of his Mises Weekends interview with Jeff Deist, Andy Duncan handicaps the upcoming secession vote in Scotland and discusses the state of free-market thinking in the UK.
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Fiat Money and the British Riots

Big GovernmentThe FedMoney and Banks

08/12/2011Mises Daily Article
These riots are fueled by the yob society generated out of the paper-money welfare state.
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