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Jim Bovard on Our Slavish Devotion to Politics

  • Mises Weekends with Jeff Deist

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12/15/2017James BovardJeff Deist

Wall Street Journal and USA Today writer James Bovard joins Jeff Deist to diagnose what's wrong with our body politic today. From relentlessly tribal voting to rank hypocrisy and "whataboutism," Americans are an angry bunch. And their credulous belief in the sanctity of authorities like the FBI is almost entirely determined by whether their party holds the presidency. Is there any political system that can survive the division created by politics in the first place? Jim Bovard brings his Menckenesque perspective to Mises Weekends to discuss our slavish devotion to politics. And don't miss Jim's great article on the FBI as America's secret police or his new book on political perfidy.

Jim Bovard on Our Slavish Devotion to Politics

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