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47. Drug Dosing: One Size Does Not Fit All

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11/30/2018Michel AccadAnish Koka

Patients come in all sizes and shapes, and with varying tolerance for complications and risk. Is it plausible that a single dosing regimen can optimize treatment for everybody? If not, what is keeping the pharmaceutical industry from endorsing a more dynamic and patient-centered drug dosing regimen?

Our guest is Dr. David Norris, a physician, mathematician, and inventor. David operates a scientific and statistical consultancy focused on methodology development for ‎precision-medicine applications. He developed Dose Titration Algorithm Tuning (DTAT), a methodological framework that conceives dose individualization as a seamless learning process, beginning in early-phase trials and continuing throughout the drug development process. Before earning his M.D. at Brown University, he worked in diverse application areas including mathematical finance, operations research and systems engineering.

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