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46. Reforming Medical Education: Beyond the Usual Platitudes

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11/27/2018Michel AccadAnish Koka

The reform of medical education is a usually boring conversation that needs its own reform. The discussion we have on this episode does just that. It goes far beyond the usual proposals to tweak the curriculum and directly addresses the question of what it means to be a physician.

Our guest is Dr. Adam Cifu, an award-winning medical educator and author. Dr. Cifu is a Master in the Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators at The University of Chicago. He has been selected as a Favorite Faculty Member by the graduating class of students 14 times. He is the author of Symptom to Diagnosis a manual on diagnostic reasoning, and co-author with Dr. Vinay Prasad of Ending Medical Reversal: Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives, one of the blockbuster medical books of the last few years.

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