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Health Care: American Mania vs. Canadian Sclerosis

Burocracia y RegulaciónSalud

The Canadian medico-sclerosis would have been worse if it weren’t for the American medico-mania which has brought an unbelievable number of innovations.
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Healthcare: Government — Not Technology — Is Driving Prices Up

SaludImpuestos y GastoTeoría Política

Technology by itself isn't what's making health care so expensive. A more likely cause is government intervention through welfare and regulation.
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How Medical Licensing Laws Can Shield Incompetent Doctors

SaludTeoría Política


The cronyist American Medical Association has forced doctors to choose between protecting "the profession" and protecting their patients.

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Cronyism: Government, the AMA, and Med Schools

SaludHistoria de EEUUMonopolio y Competencia


For decades, governments have been manipulating our views of what medical schools are, and what they should be.

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The Pharma-Fed Doctor

SaludMedios y CulturaImpuestos y Gasto


It is true that perks from pharma companies influence doctors. But pharma dollars are nothing compared to the subsidies doled out by governments.

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Free-Market Medicine: The Role of the Large Medical Firm

El EmprendedorSaludEmpresarialidad


In a free-market healthcare system, doctors would join together to form large firms to offer the benefits of specialization and economies of scale.

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Why Health Care Costs Exploded After World War II

SaludHistoria de EEUUEmpresarialidadIntervencionismo


The advent of health insurance and regulated health care brought a new era of rampant health care inflation.

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The Early History of Regulated Health Care

SaludIntervencionismoMonopolio y Competencia


A brief history of how various state interventions have raised health care prices and lessened access.

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Let's Get Government Out of the Physician Certification Business

Libre MercadoSalud


Should the government impose its own standards for certification for physicians? The short answer is "no."

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Why Employer-Funded Health Plans Are Turning to Free Market Medicine


Jay Kempton shares insights from his recent efforts to turn employers away from the wasteful and corrupt health insurance benefit model.
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