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Walmart and Discrimination

Free MarketsLegal SystemInterventionism

06/22/2011Mises Daily Articles
There is neither a right nor need for government intervention to remedy unfair discriminatory practices.
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Is Insider Trading Really a Crime?

Financial MarketsFree MarketsLegal System

05/16/2011Mises Daily Articles
The public loves the fall of a ruthless and greedy financial titan — this, of course, is what made Oliver Stone's original <i>Wall Street</i> such a hit. But the practice of "insider trading" can actually be beneficial. In a free society, there would be no such thing as laws against so-...
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The Social Function of Insurance

Free MarketsLegal System

04/11/2011Mises Daily Articles
With insurance the client pays a small amount of money (the premium) in exchange for a more certain future, in which his wealth will not fluctuate as wildly in different possible scenarios.
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Soak-the-Rich Taxes: Fail!

Legal SystemTaxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyInterventionism

11/04/2010Mises Daily Articles
The voters of Washington State crushed an attempt to levy new income taxes on the rich. The viewers of <i>60 Minutes</i>, however, were just told that such taxes are a great idea. Who is right? Robert Murphy explains the economic rationale behind the voters' choice.
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Law and Appeals in a Free Society

Free MarketsLegal SystemEntrepreneurship

10/25/2010Mises Daily Articles
How would appeals work in a voluntary system of private law? Would defendants be able to appeal clearly outrageous convictions? If so, then what's to stop a murderer from indefinitely appealing his cases?
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It's Not about Personnel; It's about Power

Big GovernmentFinancial MarketsLegal System

09/16/2010Mises Daily Articles
The government creates "jobs" that are destructive. Because there is no feedback of profit and loss, the only thing that can eventually end a harmful bureaucracy is a massive public outcry.
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Should We Love or Loathe the Mafia?

Legal SystemMedia and Culture

08/12/2005Mises Daily Articles
Is the Mafia like a state that uses violence to enforce its agenda? Or is it more like a private business that specializes in the market provision of security? Robert Murphy reviews a book on the topic.
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Consumer Protection: An Interview with Robert Murphy

Legal SystemInterventionism

Interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker at the Mises Institute; June 13, 2005. [1:00:16]
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A Critique of the Invasion of Iraq

Legal SystemWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

Delivered to the Hillsdale Liberals, Hillsdale College, on 31 August 2004.
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Flower Power

Legal SystemProduction Theory

02/09/2004Mises Daily Articles
All libertarians—indeed, all reasonable people—can agree that the state licensure of floral designers is absurd, and anyone but the most naïve will recognize an exam to become one as nothing but a state-enforced cartel. But, writes Robert Murphy, unless we realize that all government regulations...
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