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Time To Celebrate Business

Booms and BustsFree Markets

07/08/2008Mises Daily Articles
Recessions are a great time to appreciate anew the importance of economic logic to our lives, to celebrate the contribution of market production, and to seriously reevaluate the merit of big government that we permit to thwart the prospects for a speedy economic recovery.
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Should Age Discrimination Be Legal?

Free MarketsLegal SystemInterventionism

06/23/2008Mises Daily Articles
The happy life comes through permitting maximum freedom to associate and choose — a freedom that applies to everyone and under all circumstances, without exception.
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The Government Wrecks the Economy

Booms and BustsThe FedFree MarketsInterventionism

06/15/2008Mises Daily Articles
What is the right response to a recession? The first rule must be to do no harm.
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Socialism and the Chinese Earthquake

Free MarketsInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

05/27/2008Mises Daily Articles
Public buildings in the United States are islands of socialism in a sea of free enterprise, so the materials and workers are there.
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The Enemy Is Always the State

Free MarketsOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

05/20/2008Mises Daily Articles
"The consistent libertarian must battle power no matter what its color or variety."
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But What About the Children?

Free MarketsThe Police StateOther Schools of Thought

04/30/2008Mises Daily Articles
There is a further problem: to concede that there are social problems that cannot be corrected without the state is to give up the entire argument over the future of liberty itself.
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Prison Nation

Free MarketsThe Police StateOther Schools of Thought

04/25/2008Mises Daily Articles
But even if you are not likely to be among them, consider the loss of privacy, the loss of liberty, the loss of independence, the loss of all that used to be considered truly American, in the course of building prison nation.
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Bush's Market-Liberal Scam

Big GovernmentFree MarketsInterventionism

03/17/2008Mises Daily Articles
Abolish Social Security completely and instantly — or Ron Paul's more politically viable answer, which would permit current payers to opt out of the system completely.
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We Don't Need a President

Free MarketsPolitical Theory

03/06/2008Mises Daily Articles
It is highly significant that Jefferson, when he wrote his own epitaph, wanted to be remembered for the Declaration of Independence, for the Virginia statute on religious freedom, and for founding the University of Virginia. That he was a two-term president is not listed.
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The Broken Window Fallacy Reapplied

Big GovernmentFree MarketsInterventionism

01/28/2008Mises Daily Articles
So long as there are governments with stones ready to throw, there will be a need for someone to point out that destruction is never productive, never beneficial, and never a path to the good life that we all seek.
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