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Blunders, Lies, and Other Historicist Habits

Media and CultureWorld HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology

08/31/2005Mises Daily Articles
John Lukacs, in his own estimation, is much more than an ordinary historian. In what he considers his most important book, Historical Consciousness
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Is Peace on Earth Too Boring?

Media and CultureTaxes and Spending

12/22/2003Mises Daily Articles
The capture of Saddam unleashed so much euphoria that many people have forgotten that the original justification for the war was not merely
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The Iraq War and the Violent State

Media and CultureWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

05/12/2003Mises Daily Articles
This book frightens me. The authors do not confine themselves to a justification of the American invasion of Iraq,
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Contempt for Life

Media and CulturePhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

11/18/2002Mises Daily Articles
John Gray is Ayn Rand's nightmare come true. Once a classical liberal, he now finds the inanities of Tony Blair's "Third Way",
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Still Trashing the Market

Big GovernmentFree MarketsMedia and CulturePolitical Theory

10/16/2002Mises Daily Articles
Charles Lindblom is at it again. In God and Man at Yale , William Buckley, Jr.’s indictment of leftist teaching at Yale University written half a century ago,
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In Praise of Commercial Culture by Tyler Cowen

Media and Culture

10/01/1998Mises Review
Cultural pessimists such as John Ruskin claim that capitalism leads to a decline in literature, painting, and music.
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Literature Lost, by John Ellis

EducationMedia and Culture

12/01/1997Mises Review
Like Martha Nussbaum, whose Cultivating Humanity is addressed above, John M. Ellis is concerned with multiculturalism.
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"Bloc Busters," by Virginia Postrel

Media and Culture

04/01/1996Mises Review
Virginia Postrel gets a lot of mileage from an elementary fallacy. She begins her piece, a plea for Republicans to stress the free market rather than cultural issues, in an odd way.
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