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The Relation of Cost to Value

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsPricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

09/06/2010Mises Daily Articles
The question of the relation of cost to value is properly only a concrete form of a much more general question — the question of the regular relations between the values of such goods as in causal interdependence contribute to one and the same utility for our well-being...

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Goods, Scarce and Nonscarce

Free MarketsPrivate PropertySubjectivism

08/25/2010Mises Daily Articles
Nonscarce goods are a great gift courtesy of the structure of the world, a boon to humankind, a vast treasure of resources—tools for making the world a relentlessly better place...

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Economics and Its Ethical Assumptions

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheorySubjectivism

Why value-subjectivism in economics doesn’t imply value-subjectivism in ethics, and might even imply the reverse. Recorded at Mises University 2010...

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Anderson's Economics and the Public Welfare

BiographiesMonetary TheorySubjectivismValue and Exchange

06/22/2010Mises Daily Articles
Anderson's contribution to economic theory is summed up in his two books: Social Value and The Value of Money...

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"Capitalism" Forever

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipPrivate PropertySubjectivism

04/07/2010Mises Daily Articles
Ayn Rand made the case for the freedom philosophy in the most aggressive manner possible, bless her. And, "capitalism" was a crucial element of that effort...

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Property: The Great Problem Solver

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipPrivate PropertySubjectivism

01/13/2010Mises Daily Articles
In a governmentally controlled society, the unrestricted enjoyment of property ownership is not permitted, since government has the power to tax, regulate, and sometimes even confiscate (as in eminent domain) just about anything it pleases. In a laissez-faire society, everything which was valued...

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What's Wrong with the Utility Function?

Philosophy and MethodologyPraxeologySubjectivismValue and Exchange

12/29/2009Mises Daily Articles
The thought mechanisms that lead some people to like (or, as economists say, have preference for) gambling are of no more economic interest than the reasons why some people like going to soccer games while others like to stay at home. Answering such questions may be a job for psychologists, but it...

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Compulsory Social Insurance

HealthTaxes and SpendingFiscal TheoryPhilosophy and MethodologySubjectivism

Being ill is not a phenomenon independent of conscious will and of psychic forces working in the subconscious. A man's efficiency is not merely the result of his physical condition; it depends largely on his mind and will, writes Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973). This audio Mises Daily is...

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The Ethics of Freedom and Climate Change

The EnvironmentPrivate PropertyProduction TheorySubjectivism

11/24/2009Mises Daily Articles
Social institutions matter most, and they are very wrong now: a huge improvement is possible, and freedom is the answer.

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