Capital and Interest Theory

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Wesbury and the Austrians

The FedCapital and Interest TheoryInterventionism


Brian Wesbury, chief economist at First Trust Advisors, offers in the WSJ an Austrian-sounding explanation of why (though I'm not sure of this "natural-rate = nominal GDP growth" stuff):

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Never Enough Inflation, says McCain

Capital and Interest TheoryInterventionism


McCain says that Bernanke hasn't lower rates fast enough, as quoted by Bloomberg. The story adds that McCain "supports mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions through a cap-and-trade system,..."...

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Deflation and Rumination

Money and BanksCapital and Interest TheoryMoney and Banking


Please alert your loved ones about the coming price deflation. Assuming that mainstream economists are correct, tomorrow's sales signal the beginning of the end. Ah...

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The slow, systematic destruction of the dollar's purchasing power

Money and BanksCapital and Interest Theory


It's interesting to look the producer price index and consider how extreme and relentless are price increases over time, and it strikes me that the lack of public outcry about this must represent some sort of price-trend acculturation that has taken place. We have come to expect it, the way we...

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Another Reason to Reform Patent Law: Touch Off A Recession!

Booms and BustsCapital and Interest TheoryPhilosophy and Methodology


And here I thought recessions and the business cycle had something to do with state manipulation of the money supply. Now we have a new culprit: Patent Reform. So here's the deal. There's increasingly hyperbolic...

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Capital: It's so easy to infuse it!

Capital and Interest TheoryInterventionism



A day after the Federal Reserve disappointed investors with a modest cut in interest rates, central banks in North America and Europe on Wednesday announced the...
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The Mirage of the Mortgage Fix

Capital and Interest TheoryInterventionismPrivate Property


The sea of inflationary credit is the core problem behind the falling dollar, the subprime crisis, the housing meltdown, not to mention the rise in the national debt and a thousand other problems. No one in Washington seems to understand the reason for the crisis, much less how to fix it. A good...

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Mugabenomics in action

Money and BanksCapital and Interest TheoryMoney and Banking


It appears that the government of Zimbabwe is giving the Hungarian pengo, a run for its money (literally):...

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