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The Week in Review: April 30, 2016

The FedMoney and BanksTaxes and SpendingMoney and Banking

Blog12 hours ago

The only good news this week came for Uncle Sam, who set new records in tax collection for 2015.

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Money Supply Growth Remains Stable at 8.4 Percent in March

Blog16 hours ago

March 2016 offered more of the same with no sign of money supply growth moving outside the range of 6 percent to 8 percent, as has been the case over the past two years.

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James Grant: The United States of Insolvency

Booms and BustsThe FedFinancial MarketsU.S. Economy

18 hours agoAudio/Video
When did fiscal and monetary sanity become a radical position in America? Jeff Deist interviews Jim Grant, editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer .

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The ABCs of a Market Economy

Free MarketsU.S. EconomyInterventionism

Blog23 hours ago

This immense cooperative system is known as a free-market economy. It was not consciously planned by anybody. It evolved.

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Home Prices Outpacing Official Inflation Rate, Household Income

Booms and BustsBusiness CyclesMoney and Banking

Blog23 hours ago
We've replaced saving with consumer debt (i.e., mortgages) and a hope that people can continue to make the high payments every month. It's not a terribly wise long-term economic strategy, but it's one the Fed is banking on.

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Booms, Busts, and the Boundaries of Economics

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles


What are the limits to Austrian Business Cycle Theory? Does it need help to explain business cycles?

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