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How Capitalism Improves the Welfare of All

Free MarketsCapital and Interest TheoryPrivate Property

Blog19 min ago

Antiliberal policy is a policy of capital consumption. It recommends that the present be more abundantly provided for at the expense of the future.


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The Lens on Saturday's Mises Circle in Seattle

Blog19 min ago

My thanks to The Lens in Washington state for covering Saturday's Mises Circle in Seattle, with a lot of attention to my talk on "...

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Me, Bernie, and Minimum Wage

Free MarketsInterventionism

1 hour agoAudio/Video
Dr. Walter Block, a childhood classmate of Bernie Sanders, dissects one of the sacred cows of Seattle's latte-Left: minimum wage laws.

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The Early History of Regulated Health Care

HealthInterventionismMonopoly and Competition

Blog15 hours ago

A brief history of how various state interventions have raised health care prices and lessened access.

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The Greatest Myth

StrategyPolitical Theory

22 hours agoAudio/Video
What can we do as individuals to fight the entrenched economic illiteracy that keeps politicians in business?

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How the TSA Kills Hundreds of People Every Year

Big Government

Blog22 hours ago

Not only is there an absence of evidence that the TSA saves lives, there is evidence that it may actually cause a significant number of deaths.

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