Ridesharing and Government Efforts to Kill More Jobs

Mises Institute Associated Scholar Jacob Huebert speaks on the war against ridesharing programs and just how damaging the anti-ridesharing crusade is to ordinary people. For those who are unfamiliar with ridesharing, it is nothing more than private individuals providing rides to people in exchange for money. It’s a free-market taxi service, not to be confused with traditional taxi services which are regulated and controlled by state utilities commissions for the benefit of monopolist taxi corporations. Thanks to smart phone apps, it is now simple and easy for people to arrange rides for themselves using these free-market taxi services using services like Uber. Naturally, state governments, eager to please the army of lobbyists dispatched by taxi companies, have been busy finding ways to outlaw ridesharing. Huebert is speaking specifically of anti-ridesharing efforts in Illinois, but nearly-identical debates on going on not just nationwide, but globally.


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