Economic Nationalism in Ukraine

Ukraine spends six million dollars per day shooting its own citizens while it pulls out all the stops to make sure that energy becomes as expensive as possible for Europe this winter by cutting off the natural gas supply to Europe. Any sane foreign policy seeks a free exchange of goods, not a series of suicide pacts designed to damage the standard of living for domestic citizens as much as possible. Meanwhile, the US applies political pressure to Bulgaria to end its cooperation with Russia to create alternate (i.e., non-Ukrainian) pipelines for natural gas in Europe. As usual, ordinary citizens  are caught in a vise imposed by their governments. As is so often the case, however, nationalism on all sides will likely lead to a fevered irrationality that will allow many to think that it’s better to freeze in the dark than engage in trade and maintain with someone of a slightly different ethnic group in the neighboring nation-state. Daniel McAdams explains the diplomatic jockeying over one of the most precious national resources in the Europe:


  1. Ludwig Von Mises Institute is a world center of research and development of Austrian School of Economics. It is not a foreign policy think tank. It should not be used (especially by the officers of the Institute) for propaganda of Russian totalitarian government. If Mr. McMaken adores the said government he could join Mr. McAdams on the Russian government TV propaganda station as a private citizen.

  2. This is the most ‘out of touch’ ridiculous piece of rhetoric (definitely NOT journalism) I have ever seen on this site! Surely this completely FALSE and non-researched article will be removed. It is an embarrassment :-(
    A child can find the reality of what both of the ‘buck stops here’ political leaders, the President and the Prime Minister, do to inform their citizens and the world at large because both have face book pages written personally and signed almost daily or as often as possible.
    This is some of today’s reality in Ukraine:

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