Bernanke’s Fed in 300 Words or Less

For those who might prefer a shorter summary of Bernanke’s legacy see John B. Taylor’s 300 word “Monetary Policy During Ben Bernanke’s Time at the Fed.” Since this was originally prepared in December for the Washington Bureau of the Wall Street Journal, I would guess it is a major source for much of appeared what the Journal’s legacy editorial that is highlighted in today’s Daily.

I have trouble staying under 1000 words (Ryan – I am trying), so comments are open for Austrian assessments:

Please keep suggestions under 300 words.



  1. Taylor is really great at staying “on message.” His is a good summary from his perspective, and yes, we do need an Austrian version that can stand repetition.

  2. What we had going on during this episode was ego-driven interpretation (by the so-called ‘experts’) using erroneous methodology to justify ego-driven intervention (supplying the politically-connected with resources proudly used to glorify themselves and their buddies). Any and all pass/fail assessments ignore the ethical issues. A criminal may do his/her (Yellen) crime poorly or very well but either way it is despicable! Once incarcerated these criminals can debate amongst themselves about their proficiency.

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