80th Anniversary of Repeal

Today is the 80th anniversary of the Repeal of Alcohol Prohibition in 1933. Here are some of my comments from the 75th anniversary. Here is another good question on the 80th anniversary: why don’t we smarten up and repeal marijuana prohibition?

Some 90% of the American population is still in the Great Bush Depression that began in 2008. Only the stockholders have really recovered. The actual unemployment rate is historically high, a fact hidden by the tinkering with the definition of unemployment. Shouldn’t we now be as pragmatic as FDR, and seek to end the Federal prohibition of marijuana, as well? It would be a boon to the economy and to a government burdened by debt. And, shouldn’t we be embarrassed, as a country with a very large and important Latino community, of the racist origins of this Prohibition? And, are we still afraid of youth and jazz?

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