David Stockman: the Next Ron Paul

Apparently the media does not like the new book by David Stockman. Here Bloomberg columnist Clive Crook condemns Stockman for his analysis of government policy over the last 70 years, even though he admits the Austrian Business Cycle theory is probably the best explanation for the current crisis. Apparently Stockman is too much like Ron Paul–right!


  1. However, like Ron Paul, he has appeal across ordinary political boundaries, such as these two progressive “liberals”:

    “There was a time in Washington when it was common for politicians, pundits and the bloviating classes to warn of the burdens being imposed on ‘our children and grandchildren’ by profligate government, feckless regulation and cosseted corporations. Few of us realized they were talking about us.

    What Stockman has written is a book that makes clear we are that future generation of the past, inheritors of all the wishful thinking, simple illogic and flawed compromises that produced the near-term benefits our parents and grandparents worried about but ultimately wanted. And now it’s payback time.” ~ Marcus Brauchli , Vice-president, Washington Post Co. http://bit.ly/10tgL5d

    See also Robert Scheer’s article at “The Nation” http://bit.ly/XH1Gzm

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