Voices from Cyprus

Here is a short video of interviews of regular people inside Cyprus. It would make for good material to show in economics classes so that students could get a better feel for what is going on.


  1. What else beside wait and start to use the paper currency or cash, when the banks open?

    When the fiat game ends and all currencies have no value, what happens to the sums owned and owed and anticipated?

    Sums owned are the “values” placed on my checking accounts, house value, invested in viable investments, paid insurance as in a bank of my own, and such. Sums owed credit accounts, real estate loans, income taxes and such. Anticipated sums would be salaries, winnings from market trading, values on contracts between private persons and the like.

    What happens to these numbers that no longer have any meaning?

    Will the Fabian Utopia suddenly blossom and instantly be put to work and we all do what we have been doing but doing it without any currency exchanging because collectively we all own everything but individually we own nothing?

    I’ve been reading Fabian Freeway by Rose Martin and getting righteously angry, full of grief, and very curious as to what’s next. Unsettling.

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