David Howden on the Euro

David Howden is interviewed on the GoldMoney show with Andy Duncan.

“Howden thinks that the Euro will hold together in the short term, but he is rather pessimistic on the long term outlook of the common currency. One at a time countries which were formerly regarded as “stable” are being dragged into the debt hole. Though he assesses the problems in the United States to be even greater than Europe’s, he points out that whenever Euro fears start to creep up the US is benefiting due to the depth of its Treasury market.”


  1. Does the dollar lose value because California or Illinois has a credit problem? Any problem with the dollar is because of mismanagement by the FED not fiscal mistates of the states. Likewise problems with the euro will be due to errors by the ECB not fiscal problems with individual states.

    Now foolish EEC rules on interest rates and bailouts of states could bring the community down but the euro will not fail until the EEC falls apart.

    We must make sure that we focus on the real problem and not get diverted to unimportant tangential issues.

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