Twinkies to the Twinkiemen!

This would have been a sad day for Murray Rothbard, who loved Wonder Bread (and often used it in examples, as he did here (PDF) and here (audio)). Hostess, the maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies has folded, thanks to a nationwide strike.

Would syndicalism, distilled by the old slogan, “railoroads to the railroadmen, mines to the miners!” save the day? Mises Daily author Peter Earle (sarcastically) considers the question when he writes,

“The death of Hostess is a shame, but luckily the workers can – according to one theory – “seize the means of production”. I don’t know about you, but I feel confident about the prospects for Twinkie and Ring Ding filler machine operators and straight-job truck drivers filling the CEO and CFO seats.”

For analyses of unions and strikes, read Hutt and Petro.


  1. I suppose the usual suspects will applaud this development because Twinkies are “bad for you” anyway, so this is overall “good for you”.

    From a few months ago:

    The bad news is that Hostess Brands has sunk into bankruptcy. It couldn’t stay afloat with the $860-million debt piled onto it after a group of Wall Street speculators took over the 82-year-old company.

    The good news, though, is that devoted customers can still get their daily fix of five kinds of sugar, partially hydrogenated oil, polysorbate 60, artificial flavors, and yellow dye No. 5 — just a few of the ingredients in Hostess Twinkies. When top executives filed for Chapter 11 in January, they assured an anxious nation that the corporation would keep chugging out Twinkies, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, and its other caloric delights while they dealt with a few legal details to restructure Hostess.


    Meanwhile, the union workers who literally deliver the goods for the company point out that they’ve already made concessions — and it’s time for the profiteering corporate executives who filled Hostess with all that debt to stop sucking all the cream out of its Twinkies.

  2. I’m sure the “greedy industrialists” will be decried by the left, but I say good for them. The parasite gets exactly what it deserves when it kills the host. I’m all for more shrugging until people realize where wealth comes from.

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