Mises Store Sale for LvM’s 131st Birthday


  1. Professor L v MISES in his “The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science” (page 12) argues “KANT…put the retionalistic doctrine upon a new basis. Experience, he taught, provides only the raw material out of which the mind forms what is called knowledge…..is conditioned by the categories that precede any data of experience both in time and in logic. The categories are a priori
    ………that enables him [ individual ] to think and ————we may add———–to act”.
    Thanks Professor L. v. MISES for indicating the groundwork for the metaphysic of Catallactic ( I am proposing, following KANT, called “Transcendental Eleutherocatallactic” ( eleuthero means liberty)
    for the MISES´s Aprioristic Doctrine.
    Signed by iosele e-mail kantmises@yahoo.com.ar

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