Bold, Persistent Experimentation

From Obama’s Convention speech yesterday:

The truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. It will require common effort, shared responsibility, and the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that Franklin Roosevelt pursued during the only crisis worse than this one.

“Bold, persistent experimentation” of course will, as it did under FDR, amount to desperate, frantic, and unpredictable economic intervention of the kind that always creates what Robert Higgs calls “regime uncertainty,” which will, again, just worsen and perpetuate the depression.

Of course, not that the warmongering, nationalism, and corporatism of Romney would be any better.


  1. Great grab on this point, Danny, this obsession with economic “experimentation” even if it didn’t work. I was listening to a number of speeches from a past Mises event on the Economics of Fascism and this was one of the key points.

  2. I believe you understated, in your closing line, the implications of a particular candidates success in the current presidential race. This is the Circle Bastiat after all…

    I think you meant to say, “Of course, not that the warmongering, nationalism, and corporatism of [ANY government representative] would be any better.” You must remember NDAA(nationalism), extraordinary expansion of the drone budget(warmongering), and Keystone XL which will be approved post election(corporatism).

    If nothing else, I would like to express to everyone the error of recognizing the so called party lines. It will only serve to hinder the work of liberty by providing the “yet-to-be-saved” a platform from which to argue their ill-conceived “differences.” The path of the state has only one end to its several, unintelligible, contradictory means. Socialism…That is why we must stay focused on leaving the inane bickering to the masses, and continue our diligent work towards enlightenment.

    • Oh yes, Obama too is guilty of warmongering, nationalism, and corporatism, just as the bailouts and other interventions that Romney and Ryan supported also contributed to regime uncertainty.

      Obama is just slightly less disastrous on foreign policy grounds, and Romney is slightly less disastrous on economic grounds.

      That being said, in the long run, the above impacts would likely be reversed.

      Obama’s foreign meddling will sow the seeds of further conflict and global instability, and yet this failure will be blamed on his allegedly “soft” foreign policy, and thereby give peace a bad name.

      Romney’s corporatist economic policies will sow the seeds of further crises and depression, and yet this failure will be blamed on his allegedly “free market” policy, and thereby give capitalism a bad name.

      • haha seems like we could go on for quite sometime and most certainly come to the inevitable and disastrous conclusion awaiting our world.

        It also seems futile to express our thoughts and defend the libertarian movement when so many rally then disperse only to rally again at a later date and disperse once more. All in the name of Democracy and fairness and fear.

        If only there was a way to reverse the efforts of the parasitic state. There have been triumphs and changes over the millennia, but sadly the efforts of so many give way to yet another slightly morphed and equally perverted form of government. We must begin with the children for they are the embodiment of our species potential.

        But i digress. I enjoyed this back and forth. It has encouraged my continued efforts to convey the value our Libertarian cause. Freedom. choice. and personally, progress

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