The Theory of Land Ownership

“It must be added that the theory of land ownership in a free society set forth here, i.e., first ownership by the first user, has nothing in common with another superficially similar theory of land ownership–advanced by J.K. Ingalls and his disciples in the late nineteenth century. Ingalls advocated continuing ownership only for actual occupiers and personal users of the land. This is in contrast to original ownership by the first user.”

–Murray N. Rothbard. Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market


  1. KANT in his “The philosophy of Law” Chapter Second Point 10 “The general Principle of External Acquisition” (Liberty Fund, Inc. E-Book).
    “The Principle of external Acquisition…….Whatever I bring under my power according to the Law of external Freedom,of which as an object of my free activity of Will. I have the capability of making use according to the Postulate of the Practical Reason, and which I will to become mine in conformity with the Idea of a possible united common Will, is mine”
    ” The Idea of possible common Will is mine” is what Professor MISES explains ” For in an unhampered market society the consumers daily decide anew who should own and how much he should own….Only in a legal and formalistic sense can the owners be considered the successors of appropriators and expropriators” (Human Action, page 683)
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