Misesians in Mordor: The Video

Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, John Cochran, and Lawrence White on fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve.

Written testimonies here.


  1. I am always amazed and quite saddened by how few people pay attention to money, real money. I am angry about the injustice that the banking cartels have foisted on me and so many others the world over. When I listened to Dr. Salerno, I was hoping for more. When I listened to Dr. Cochran, I was hoping for more. By the time Dr. White spoke, my eyes glazed over. As a listener, I was hardly motivated by their dry presentations.

    There are no political topics more important than money and protecting it from theft. Any professor who knows this (as do the three testifying before Congress) should put forth more emotion when presenting their views.

  2. Nice job of all. Yet it is quite revealing how depressed and disillusioned Mr Jones appears when he speaks about how the political system currently works when he makes the point that it is very nice to have an answer what actually to do, but you are still unable to put it through..

    Also shouldn’t there be more people at this testimony listening to it? Is this really all of them interested in this issue? If so then this is not very encouraging for the near future..

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