The Uncompromising Rothbard Lives On

Murray Rothbard’s influence and reputation keeps growing larger more than fifteen years after his untimely passing.  His passion for truth, his clear thinking and writing, and his uncompromising libertarian message  continues to set new people afire for the cause of liberty.  But even the most devoted Rothbardians were caught by surprise when  ABC News cited Rothbard’s comparison of taxation to “highway robbery” alongside a wonderful photo of him.


  1. The genius of Rothbard will go on to shine as time passes. The man was way ahead most of society and thus could not be understood by the many (and of course by the vested interests). His insights were piercing in all spheres, from economics to history to politics and the libertarian movement. A truly remarkable figure.

  2. The push that Murray Rothbard made in linking economics and ethics, and economics and history is so powerful. It is piercing through the lifeless and ridiculously hypocritical status quo in all of the interdisciplinary fields in these – the Dark Ages of economics.

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